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Aesthetic Clinic London

Expectations When Availing Lip Fillers London Based Treatments

Over the past couple of years, doctors and campaigners have reported an increase in ‘bogus’ nurses and amateur beauticians performing unsafe lip fillers London based treatments from their kitchen or lounge. As a result, they say more patients are suffering from parts of their lips becoming lumpy or disproportionate in size, infections, ulceration or necrosis (when the lip tissue dies and goes black). Never agree to have lip fillers done at homes, at ‘parties’ or exhibitions, or in places that aren’t clean and clinical.

To further broaden your knowledge about what you should expect, here are a couple of things you should know.

Be informed about the treatment

You should have an idea about the lip fillers London based treatments, on what’s part of it, what could be the complications and side effects, and who you would talked to if there are afterwards. Aim for improvement, not pefection. If you expect it to be perfect orturn you into a celebrity, you’ll just end up being disappointed. Talk to the surgeon and make sure they answer all your questions before the procedure commences.

Make Your Own Decisions

It’s very important to put in mind that only YOU can really decide if you really want to try cosmetic treatments. However, you do need to get input from a specialist to understand what is possible and suitable for your body, and what the associated risks and benefits might be to make an informed decision.

Think About Location

Always give consideration travelling in long distances or overseas for any cosmetic procedures. It is important that you need to be a hundred percent comfortable with the arrangements for travel, aftercare, and the handling of any issues or complications which might occur. Often travel insurance will not cover you for additional treatment or extra nights in hospital arising from an elective cosmetic procedure, so it can easily become much more costly than expected.

Take Your Time

Remember that undergoing cosmetic treatments is a serious commitment. It is perfectly acceptable to take as much time as you need after an initial consultation to make a final decision. Two consultations are often recommended by a good practitioner prior to scheduling an actual aesthetic treatment. Take this opportunity to truly think about it; talk about it with the people close to you, and come up with questions that may pop up after your initial consultation.

Avoid Cowboy Clinics

You should consider the best practice when looking for a clinic, so make sure that they are a well-established and respected cosmetic clinic. Many non-medical clinics have appeared up all over the place over the past few years. They can be found in places like hairdressers or beauty salons, and they offer cosmetic treatments in combination to their other usual services. Many of these are often ill-equipped and not ideal environments to perform such procedures. As they are unlikely to perform them regularly on a daily basis, it's also questionable just how many of these fake practitioners carry out such procedures. They might offer the treatment at a lower price, but you may end up with a botch job and lower grade products - something that's really not worth the saving or potential risk.

Do Your Own Research First

It’s best to really know the treatment that you are considering acquiring, to make sure that you are really prepared for the procedure. For example, watch YouTube videos on the procedures, so that you have an idea on what to expect. Then, when you go to visit clinics, you will have a better knowledge of what they are offering.

Have a Consultation

Some of the more reliable clinics will always offer pre-consultations to clients at an extra cost. This is crucial for those who are new to the procedures and want to gain more knowledge before undergoing using their services. A good practice helps you to evaluate the clinic premises early. This is also a great time to ask the doctor any inquiries and for them to have an idea to any of your concerns

Read Reviews

After a consultation, it’s a good idea to read reviews of the clinic as well as the brand of the products they use. Sometimes, one awful review can make you change your mind and may help you dodge a bullet.

Remember, no lip fillers London based treatments are ever completely risk-free. But following this checklist should ensure your treatment is administered by a registered practitioner in a clinical environment. Dermal fillers have become increasingly popular in recent years due to their ability to add volume with a single trip to the doctor. Different practitioners have different philosophies, techniques and levels of experience so make sure that you communicate with your physician about your desired realistic results. You should only see licensed and trained physicians for any injectable treatment. This is due to risks of infection, discolouration and lumps if the injections are not done correctly.